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Copenhagen, Denmark

https://youtu.be/iS24Z3XFUbE Copenhagen, oh how I love this magical little place. I think it helped that everything was Christmas enhanced when I went, but somehow in one way or another it still felt like a surreal little city that I could see myself living in. First thing first- I knew I wanted to stay in the heart center of the town so I could venture o[...]

Kawasan Falls | Cebu | Philippines

For all of you thrill seeking, canyoneering, waterfall chasing adventures- I have the best day planned for you! We booked this tour with the most incredible little family that really took us in and made this day memorable. We found our tour guide through Facebook and contacted him through messenger. His name is Lemuel Urbina Aspacio (clink link to be directe[...]

El Nido | Hotel | Philippines

I don't even know where to begin because this place was just an absolute dream. We landed in Porto Princess from Manila, (get air fair before hand it is cheaper, we bought them the day before for $80, still not bad.) and then we mentally prepared ourselves for a 5-6 hour bus right down to El Nido. Right when you land there are tons of mini vans and hustlers [...]