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Iguazu Falls, JUNGLE TOUR | Brazil + Argentina

Checked off 280 amazing waterfalls from my bucket list. My mind was completely blown by this incredible place. I've dreamt of this place for quite sometime, so standing in-front of this surreal place was absolutely a once in a life time experience that literally, yes literally, took my breath away. So let me get down to the logistics of getting to this magic[...]

Poppin Poppies

Spring is in the air and the Poppies are poppin! Me and my budski (pun intended) Jen Hawkins had quite the trek getting out to the poppies only because traffic was insane! We thought sunset would be the perfect time to capture some amazing snaps of the poppies. We arrived just shortly after 5pm and we had about 30 minutes of sun on one-side of the mountai[...]

Desafio | La Fortuna | Costa Rica

https://youtu.be/9nTei4J7lAc (Music: Empire of the Sun- High and Low) Waterfall jumping and rappelling and jungle exploring.... OH MY! If you are looking for back to back adventure, beginner to expert, bundle packages, then Desafio has got you covered! I got to experience two of the many exciting tours Desafio offers.  Canyoning in the Lost Canyon and [...]