During my travels around the world I continue to challenge  myself and recently I met with an adventure that pushed me and my Golden Girls physically like never before.  Hiking an epic trail in South America or Hawaii is one thing but try kayaking to a massive Alaskan glacier! I can’t think of a better way to experience Alaska then teaming up with Great Land Adventures for an icy expedition that will blow you out of the water. (No Pun intended.)

There isn’t a better way to see a glacier then from your own personal kayak.

Our trusty guide Steve was well prepared when he arrived with our transportation packed with four personal Kayaks, gear to keep us warm, and of course water proof bags for our valuables.  We packed up, set sail and just over an hour we learned what kind of a workout paddling a kayak would be.  Don’t get me wrong, this was work but I absolutely loved every second and so will you.  The massive cliffs that bordered the blue water almost seemed like a Norwegian Fjord as the rock walls towered high on each side.

I knew our destination was close as I began to pass massive chunks of ice that had slowly eroded from the glacier with time.  Stay clear of the icy debris for fear that it may interfere with your kayak and you’ll quickly find yourself in the icy abyss. Keep in mind if you fall in you have a good 35 seconds of survival mode, thats how freezing cold the water is.

After taking advantage of the amazing photo opportunities we found ourselves on a rocky beach that gave our hearts and arms a little rest from our workout.  While soaking in the breathtaking view we were serenaded by massive glacier slides of ice breaking off into the water.

I would definitely recommend doing this or Knik Glacier. You can’t go wrong with either! Alaska has so much to offer and is by far one of the most beautiful places in the world!