Spring is in the air and the Poppies are poppin!

Me and my budski (pun intended) Jen Hawkins had quite the trek getting out to the poppies only because traffic was insane! We thought sunset would be the perfect time to capture some amazing snaps of the poppies. We arrived just shortly after 5pm and we had about 30 minutes of sun on one-side of the mountain, not to mention that most of the poppies had closed up for the day. We still somehow managed to get the shots we wanted with a special side kick enjoying the poppies as much as we did. Meet Lo the Frenchie, who everyone is completely and utterly obsessed with!

I would definitely recommend going in the afternoon to see the poppies in full bloom, as I had a friend up there just hours before us who saw them fully opened. But you need to go fast because the season for the poppies is coming to an end! You don’t want to miss out on the Super Bloom. Its incredibly beautiful as they over rule the canyon. Lets be honest, its clearly an ideal time to commune with nature! Thank you Mother Nature for the moisture we have received!


Directions for wild flower chasing-

Cruise 1-15 freeway for Walker Canyon. Take LAKE exit and head straight for the canyon. You can’t miss it because you drive straight up to the entrance of the canyon where you begin your hike up. You will see a line of cars parked on both sides of the road.

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