Let me just start by saying- Yes this hike is as exhilarating and cool as the pictures look. We started from Stavanger and drove 2.5 hours to Oygardsstol (right to the parking lot to Kjerag), and guys its the prettiest drive ever as you will come across lots of sheep blocking the road, just give them a little beep and they will move right on out of your way.

This hike took us approximately 2.5 hours one way but shorter on the way down depending on your speed. The hike is challenging, so make sure you bring proper shoes and a wind breaker as it is very windy, and if its rainy dress warm. You do trek up 3 steep mountains but don’t worry each uphill is rewarding once you get to the top with a spectacular view of the valley and the snow cap mountains that surround you. Make sure you follow the markers as it is easy to get a bit lost once you hike to the 3rd mountain. Its a staight shot to Kjerag Bolten but do not miss the over look of the Lysefjord (you walk straight for awhile and head right, you can’t really miss it. It is before Kjerag), as it is Breathtaking, maybe partially because you are hanging off of a cliff  and it can be quite windy up top.

Back to Kjerag… oh my goodness, I couldn’t believe the feeling of stepping my two feet on that rock that is wedged between two cliffs. My stomach dropped a few times but we got some epic pictures that got me smiling for days!  This is definitely once in a life time opportunity, so I advise you to definitly suck it up and get your butt on that rock! 

I do not recommend doing this hike in the rain. As the climb down would be pretty tricky because you are hiking on a rock that can get quite slippery and I can only imagine what it would be like in the rain. Not fun Or enjoyable as you would be holding onto the chains the whole time making sure you do not slip and fall. I did see a lot of people struggle with this hike with perfect weather conditions, so just be prepared for what you are going against.

Tips: Bring snacks/lunch, water, warm clothes just incase if it rains. The cafe at the start of the hike has snacks, but quite pricey so I would recommend bringing your own food. But feel free to go inside and get a look of the views.

Have the best time and I hope you get get good weather because I heard it does rain a lot unfortunately in this area. Trek On because this place is magical!

xx, Courtney