Costa Rica has so much to offer, and so much adventure to dive into. One of my favorite things that caught my curiosity was water rappelling off of a massive waterfall in Manuel Antonio. Personally, I’m not the biggest fans of Excursions and long days with people that don’t realize what they are getting themselves into. But this tour that I booked ended up being perfect for my friends and I. It consisted of seven zip lines, walking across a rope from one tree to the other, the monkey drop (see picture) and Waterfall rappelling off one huge waterfall. The tour guides were young, fun, and adventurous theyt made this tour not only satisfying for us but actually worth our time and made one of the best memories I have. They made us feel safe, wild, and FREE. I only say this because we were soaring through the jungle upside down like not a care in the world. Mid-day they cooked us a delicious vegetarian or chicken dish. It was delicious and fed our appetite. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is up for a little adrenaline rush and a good time! And always say yes when you get the chance to go upside down, especially when you come to the Monkey Drop, lets just say you go really fast upside down with your head ending up in big pool of water.   Here is a link you can check out for an Excursion:

Costa Rica | Carry on Court

xx, Courtney