We just had the best day enjoying/exploring Malibu! If you want a full day of fun, do as we did. You wont be disappointed- Hiked Solstice Canyon (Santa Monica Mountains)- Its super easy to find and about an hour hike (2 mile round trip). The canyon is right off of PCH at the 76 gas station. You will come upon a little parking lot on your left. Keep going up the narrow road until you have reached a bigger parking lot. Take the Solstice Canyon trail all the way until you have reached these old burned down houses and you will stumble upon a little waterfall. Don’t get too excited because its basically nothing. This drought is killing us! After checking out the houses and such, don’t go back the way you came, instead take the trail Rising Sun-. It will take you up the mountain with spectacular views of the ocean. You will start the hike with a strenuous climb of stairs and uphill loops. Not hard, and if you get tired you can just enjoy the scenery around you!

After hiking we were pretty hungry. We decided to hit up this cute little shopping place with good restaurants called Malibu Country Mart. We ate at Cafe Habana. It was soooo good, especially their creamed corn. Definitely get that. We then hopped over to Grom Gelato to get our sweet tooth fix in. Now it was time to get out and enjoy the beach.

We drove up the coast a little bit to Zuma Beach and Point Dume. We took a short trek up the big rock to get amazing views of Zuma Beach and to walk the sandy path to Paradise Cove. This was one of my favorite things to do in Malibu. If you look down the cliff into the water you can see the sea otters just swimming away and occasionally dolphins. My favorite! I was quite sweaty, seeming its been so hot and humid in California. We decided to soak in that salty air and warm October water. Incase anyone that doesn’t know already; September and October is the BEST time to jump in that warm oceanic water. Its crazy how nice it feels and its actually bearable to relax and do some real body surfing with out a wet suit on.

When you think you have had too much beach… well you can’t get too much right? Not for us at least!! I have been wanting to go to El Matador Beach for sunset. The pictures will say it all. And on the way to El Matador- since its starting to cool down at night, stop by Starbucks and pick yourself up some hot carmel apple cider. Its the best drink to sip on while enjoying the sunset and Starbucks knows exactly how to make it. I’m a bit obsessed with it right now.

Also, Incase you didnt notice- check out my rad sun solar BirkSun backpack i’m sporting. Its the best hiking/beach thing to have. Considering my phone and Go-Pro are always dying. All you do is place your backpack in the sun for 20 minutes. Plug your device in and boom you are getting fueled up. Talk about the most convenient thing to have! And I can honestly say that.

Get one and share the love!

xx, Courtney