For all of you thrill seeking, canyoneering, waterfall chasing adventures- I have the best day planned for you! We booked this tour with the most incredible little family that really took us in and made this day memorable. We found our tour guide through Facebook and contacted him through messenger. His name is Lemuel Urbina Aspacio (clink link to be directed to his page), his instagram is @badiancebucanyoneering for more pictures.  He and his wife were super accommodating and picked us up in their personal car in Oslob (which was a good 1.5 hour drive)  enroute to his farm-like house to drop off our luggage and get geared up for our canyoneering excursion. They each gave us a life jacket and a helmet.  Be warned, if you are afraid of heights or cliff jumping this is probably not the best idea for you. But then again you should probably just suck it up and do it because I guarantee you will never experience anything like this again.

As I said before, they were well prepared to make sure we were taken care of and put us first before all other things. Lemuel’s wife had asked us what we preferred to eat and I had mentioned, pork, chicken, pineapple, mango, and rice. She had mentioned she had a little surprise for us…. Just wait for it! 🙂

As we all hoped on our own little scooter with Lemuel and his crew, they had brought us to the beginning of the trail. We had no idea what to expect but right before our eyes was a 15 foot blue lagoon that was unreal guys! Holy cow!  With little hesitation we each jumped into the clear blue water one by one. The water was luke warm and did I say BLUE? Wow! Lemuel was all about taking pictures and stopping whenever we wanted to so we could take in the massive rock formations, the stalactites, hanging vines, and an environment that made you feel like you were in an Indiana jones. I’m sure you are probably laughing at that but seriously thats how it made me feel. My mouth never was closed I was in awe the entire time.