Hey Guys! So back to El Nido, and what there is to do other then beach it all day, because we know that sun can be exhausting! Well here are a few of my favorite things that I did. We booked a tour right when we got to our hotel. I did do some research and it looks like all the tours cost all about the same 1000PHP plus 200PhP for a tourist fee. There are 4 different tour groups that you can pick from which are TOURS A,B,C,D. Unless you book privately, which obviously that would be more ideal on everybody’s time schedule.

We did Tour A which included-

Pick up at hotel
Big Lagoon- snorkeling
Little Lagoon-swim/kayaking
lunch on Beach
Secret lagoon
Seven Commandos Beach
drop off 5pm
I did love this tour, however it was really annoying to deal with all the tourist! There were so many people and boats everywhere that did take away from all the beauty. But that did not stop me from smiling! The scenery, the water, the rocks, I was in complete awwwe! The Big lagoon is your first stop. When you anchor up they let you swim for about 30 min and Snorkel. I personally didn’t think the snorkeling was that amazing, even though the water was crystal clear. Here and there you would see some cool fish but nothing to go crazy about. But the water was so warm and it was just nice to float on your back and take it all in. Sidenote: This place should be your number one photo opp. Best pictures you will take while going through the Big Lagoon. As you can see.

Next up: Secret Lagoon, It was pretty cool to just see. You crawl through some rocks while in the water , once through you are encircled by rocks and water.

Little Lagoon was awesome, this is where you get to kayak through narrow limestone rock formations shooting from the rocks. Be sure to take a moment while on the kayak and look up.

Lunch was un real. Unfortunately, the original lunch spot we were suppose to go to was too full. We were all a little bummed out about this because the beach looked so pretty. Instead, we went to this other little island with very little beach. But lets just take a minute and talk about the amazing gourmet lunch we had. Our 3 tour guides cooked up a storm. Crab, Lobster, Chicken, Oysters, served with rice and freshly sliced Pineapple, Watermelon, and Mangos to go on the side. Did I mention that the Mangos were to die for here in the Philippines.

We then continued on to another snorkeling spot which was just ok. And last we hit up Seven Commandos Beach. They had a bar where you could get drinks/smoothies. Yes I settled for a mango smoothie. We swam and relaxed on the beach for an hour 1/2 or so.

All in all I would say this was a successful day. Even though it was crowded, it still made up for one of most beautiful days I have ever lived. And that is saying a lot.




xx > Courtney