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Waterfall jumping and rappelling and jungle exploring…. OH MY! If you are looking for back to back adventure, beginner to expert, bundle packages, then Desafio has got you covered! I got to experience two of the many exciting tours Desafio offers.  Canyoning in the Lost Canyon and the extreme Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping. (Which is quickly becoming one of the most sought after tours)

My heart still skips a beat thinking about these wild adventures. You might be asking yourself  “Where does one go for an epic adrenaline rush?” This is a great question and my advice to you is simple. You have to learn to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. This slice of paradise has so much to offer which is why I started off doing the Lost Canyon Tour. This tour treks the rocky terrain, deep down through the jungle where you experience four different rappels. These descents take you through shimmering waterfalls which leads to a tropical watering hole. Gear-up for a quick dip because there is only one way down…1 2 3   JUMP! Zip lining down waterfalls, and participating in the water rushing “Tsunami”.

The first waterfall you rappel down is  the smallest of the four which is about 10ft. This is a perfect start to getting the hang of  how rappelling works.  You can practice your hand placement on the rope as well as foot placement on the rocks as you work your way down. It can be tricky multi-tasking both at the same time but a few practice steps and you’ll be ready to rock and roll! The great thing is that you are in good hands with the tour guides and are completely 100% safe.

The second waterfall is the second largest of the tour.  If you are scared of heights… DON’T LOOK DOWN!  This is a 150ft waterfall that you rappel down. After getting all strapped in, you fall backwards and start making your way down the waterfall. About half way, you will let go and hold on tight to experience the greatest adrenaline rush while you free fall your way down to the bottom. Sooooo much fun!

As you re-group, you hike through the canyon, taking in all the beauty that surrounds you. You then come to a place where there is a narrow crystallized pool. You have to have precision and jump bulls eye in the middle to ensure enough depth.  After climbing out of the water hole, I stumbled upon one of our tour guides laying in the middle of the pool blocking the rushing water. We were all wondering what on earth he was doing! They aided us to sit in a train-like position between two walls and to get comfortable. Then they yelled “3…2…1… Costa Rica Tsunami!” All of a sudden, !BOOM! water came flooding down and over our bodies for a solid 10 seconds. It was awesome to feel the water rushing over our backs and heads.

We then ended the tour with the best rappel of 200ft down another waterfall with a free fall zoom all the way to the bottom. Talk about one more adrenaline rush! (But be careful that the rope doesn’t touch your skin as you are soaring down… I got a rope burn. Oopsy!) As the tour concluded, you finish with hiking through the Rain forest encountering many steps. (This can be difficult for some, but don’t worry, you can take your time as there is more then one guide.  Plus who doesn’t like to take an extra moment soaking in this once in a life time experience?!)  After you make it back to the top, you get to enjoy my favorite foods of the Costa Rican culture. So indulge and enjoy!  And if you get lucky again, as I did, you might just get to see some sloths. I have the greatest obsession for sloths if you can’t already tell!

Gravity Falls– 

I’m so stoked to have found this stimulating tour to experience and even more so, to share it with you! Gravity Falls has everything you want in a tour, and it’s much longer then Lost Canyon. But please keep in mind, if you are extremely scared of heights or jumping off  massive rocks into a narrow canyon of pools,  you may want to stick with Lost Canyon.  Gravity Falls is definitely more extreme and challenging compared to Lost Canyon but loads of fun. And if I can do it, then you can do it! It’s worth every penny spent!

Before you start your journey, you get fully equipped with all your gear.  They do a quick demonstration on technique of rappelling and break it down on what to expect. Of course, I was nervous… I mean they kept telling me how extreme this tour was. But that also just made me want to do it more. As you make your way down to the first activity, taking in again the serenity of the rain forest and hearing the rushing water of the cascading waterfall, you come to the highest waterfall of the entire tour. I don’t want to tell you how high it is because you might reconsider as it is very very high. But you HAVE to do it. Its an incredible feeling to rappel down feeling liberated and happy. Once you get to the bottom of the waterfall, you come to another surprise… just make sure you look up and smile for the camera! You will thank me! After you come to the bottom, you can look up and see the massive waterfall knowing feeling pretty dang awesome that you just rappelled down it… take a moment and high five yourself!

As you get to explore this long canyon, you come across about 3 high jumps. I screamed ‘cowabunga’ every time because how can you not when you are jumping so high into cool refreshing pools of water in the rain forest?! If you are daring enough you can do flips or gainers or whatever floats your boat!

You rappel a few more times after the massive waterfall and the last jump of the day is the biggest and most fun. This is the jump you get to do a couple of times if you wish.  As you travel through the jungle, you trek through rocks and streams in the middle of a green lush canyon. It’s incredibly humbling being in such a magical and beautiful place of the world!

Oh man, I still find myself daydreaming about this big adventure that I will never forget. Not only was the whole experience pleasant but the tour guides are so fun to be with. They really make the whole day extra special and fun.

I hope you get to “CHALLENGE” yourself with “DESAFIO” and please feel free to share your experience with me. I love talking travel!!


  • Bring water shoes that have a good grip. Keen footwear are perfect for boys and girls, and for every outdoor activity.
  • Can’t forget a GoPro– If you don’t have some sort of waterproof camera, the tour guides will be taking video and pictures for you for an additional price of $10 or so. Highly recommend getting the footage!
  • You are mostly shaded in the forest but sunscreen could be a good idea.
  • Change of clothes to change into after for lunch. (they provide bathrooms)
  • Also, when booking this tour, they pick you up/drop off at your hotel. Makes it easy for those who are backpacking and don’t have a car. You can leave your personal items including bags at their office. Everything is safe!
  • Be prepared to have the most fantastic day!

  •  BOOK HERE FOR THE ULTIMATE LA FORTUNA EXPERIENCEhttps://www.desafiocostarica.com/


A special thanks to our amazing tour guides: Victor, Klisman, Johnathan, David, and Brian and the rest of the entire Desafio team!

Until next time, Pura Vida

xx, Courtney