We arrived into Cebu and knew instantly we wanted to head straight to Oslob where the Whale sharks are… yes Whale Sharks! This is the cheapest route we did:

  • Go to the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City, which is ~30 minutes from the Mactan airport (~P300), then hop on an Oslob-bound bus (~P150, 2- 3 hours). Get on the big Green buses. They are Air conditioned and free wifi.
  • If you want to go whaleshark watching straight away, ask to be dropped off at Bgy. Tan-awan, which is conveniently along the highway.
  • We recommend taking the earliest trip, around 4:30 AM, to bypass the early morning traffic getting out of the city. Cebu has terrible traffic conditions you would want to steer clear of.
  • Oslob = one highway and its two sides. There’s no “going around town” to speak of. You can rent people that will take you on their scooter to take you to the tourist spots, such as Tumalog Falls. Which I will later elaborate on my experience there.

Whale Shark Info:

  • Whale shark cost- 1000PHP with a 200PHP locker and shower fee that you have to pay
  • You can pay to sit in a boat… who would want to do that though?!?
  • Don’t wear Sunblock because this can harm the creatures
  • closes at noon
  • Bring own mask if you have one, if not they do provide all that for you.

We stayed 15 min away from the Whale Shark place in a hotel called Hotel Sebastian. We booked it through Hotels.com (click link to be directed). The hotel was super cheap, nice staff with only one person that speaks English but very accommodating. The hotel its self has a very small infinity pool that over looks the sea. Unfortunately, there is no beach just a ladder that takes you down to the ocean. The rooms are very small. We booked a room for three. It was clean but incredibly tiny. You pay for what you get though. The staff has a pretty good menu you can order from. It’s small with Philippino dishes and really good smoothies. But as far as food around the hotel there isnt much around.

Another hotel I would recommend that is a 5 star resort and its pretty reasonable price is called the Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort. My friend stayed there and loved it. She did say there are some good reefs near by that are really good to snorkel at.

The Whale Sharks guys were so so cool! It was one of the most surreal moments of my life. We went around 11:30am. I recommend bringing your own mask. Forget the snorkel, its annoying to have the snorkel on your mask because it’s one of the most chaotic experiences. First thing is first- you jump in a little boat with your own personal tour guide that boats you 5 minutes out. All the boats line up in a row as you see all the people holding onto the boats while dunking their heads under the water. Once we got out there we had given our tour guide our Go-Pro to take pictures. He was not messing around. Every time there was a whale shark he would scream out 1-2-3- GOOOO, we would hurry and see the whale shark and try to get as close as you can to the Whale Sharks, you do have to keep some distance as it is a rule, but sometimes you can’t help it because they swim right up to you. Seriously one of the best experiences ever, but it is very exhausting as they are surrounding you and you are trying to catch your breathe because they swim by so fast and you want to capture everything. You only have 30 minutes out there with the Whale Sharks (as this is plenty of time), but be prepared to be winded by the end of this.

I still have a smile on my face thinking about this day.

xx, Courtney