Adventure city here I come!  The people in Costa Rica are incredibly amazing, kind, and generous; who know  how to treat tourists right.  One of my favorite adventures I was able to experience was the river rafting with one of the best river rafting companies, Arenal Rafting.  Danny, the owner of Arenal Rafting, had exceptional hospitality and was very knowledgable not only with river rafting but about Costa Rica.  He had a permanent smile on his face as he spat out jokes left and right ensuring everyone was having a great time. “Pura Vida!”

Roberto our tour guide on the river was top notch! He was considered the “crazy” one.  But the good kind of crazy that mixes a great experience with always feeling safe. He sure knows how to throw little surprises at you like dunking you in the water uhh actually… more like tossing you in the water! But of course all in good fun!  Don’t forget to strike a pose when you come across the “Paparazzi” on the side of the river. That is, if you manage to smile simultaneiously rowing your paddle! Danny was fantastic paparazzi as he captured some phenomenal moments throughout the day. He gives you the option to purchase the photos when you conclude your journey. (Which I highly recommend doing so as I have already looked through them quite a bit to reminisce the awesomeness of the tour)

The rafting tour is about 2 and half hours long on the river. About 45 minutes in, you make a pit stop on the side of the river to enjoy the juicy fresh fruits of Costa Rica, the sloths and iguanas (if you are lucky) and the amazing views of the jungle.  Truly some of the best fruit my taste buds have enjoyed! SIDE NOTE: COSTA RICA grows the best pineapple in the world, so please make sure you indulge for me, as I will be daydreaming of them pineapples!

I SPY: The Poison blue and orange frog below!

As you continue on after a little fruit delight, you hit some fun rapids that have the potential of tossing you out of the raft into the plunging rapids of the river.  But lets be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of an adrenaline rush.  Am I right? Or am I right? … But “don’t worry” you are in good hands. Roberto knows exactly what he is doing with a paddle in hand, a beautiful bronze tan and exceptional arm muscles.  Not too shabby for some eye candy! 😉

At the end of the journey, the survivors get to sit down and enjoy a delicious, traditional Costa Rican lunch while recounting the days adventure.  It was mucho bien!

Muchas Gracias Arenal Rafting for the incredible adventure Costa Rican style! I’m now left with wonderful memories and an ache to come back for the next wild undertaking.

  • Tips- Wear sunscreen. Don’t apply it on your forehead as your sweat or water will drip down and the sunscreen will get into your eyes. Make sure you lather up those thighs.
  • Dont forget a GoPro with some kind of stick or string.
  • Wear water shoes and clothes that can get very wet.
  • I loved wearing my sunglasses and they did give me a string to secure my sunnies on me. My sunnies are BlendersEyewear
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Until next time,

*Pura Vida*